St. Olaf Youth Ministry
Reaching out to neighborhood youth with witness and service is one of the main ministies of St. Olaf. A cooperative project of St. Olaf and New Directions Youth Ministry, the Youth Ministry consists of weekly club meetings, outings, and retreats with Lutheran youth groups and outdoor activities. The youth do peer ministry at the meetings and support their other activities through the Saturday Work Credit program.

New Directions Youth Ministry
New Directions is a club for all youth in North Minneapolis between 12 and 19 years old. New Directions offers Advocacy, Counseling, and programs such as Tutoring, Hockey, Figure Skating, Peer Counseling, Outdoor Adventure and Young Neighbors to promote personal growth and self sufficiency. Members plan monthly outings, raise money for club activities and help out in their community. (612) 588-9177

Clothes Closet
St. Olaf member, Zenobia White, runs a clothes closet in the basement of the church. Hours are Sundays, 11:30 am – 1 pm and Saturdays 11 am – 1 pm.

Block Club
Every third Tuesday of the month, the St. Olaf Block Club meets to discuss neighborhood issues and how to resolve them. A Minneapolis Community “SAFE” officer is in attendance and 1-3 police officers attend as well. Block Clubs are Minneapolis’ major method for police to be involved with the community.

Sewing Group
Every Saturday, women gather to sew and crochet. This project is done in cooperation with partnership church Lord of Life, Maple Grove.

Food Distributions
Loaves and Fishes does a weekly food distribution in the parking lot and Serenity Village Church does one in the parking lot on Saturdays at 10:45 am.

North Minneapolis Hockey and Figure Skating
A program of New Directions Youth Ministry, the North Minneapolis Hockey and Figure Skating Program provides an opportunity for children of all ages to participate in the sports of hockey and figure skating.

Saturday Work Credit
Saturday work credit is a cooperative program of St. Olaf and New Directions Youth Ministry. The Saturday work credit program provides an opportunity for children and youth to earn credit to pay for activities.

Job Counseling and Homelessness Intervention
St. Olaf Secretary, Ann Hogan, provides job counseling, homelessness intervention, health insurance navigation, and other services on a walk in basis during office hours. St. Olaf works with the Downtown Council to End Homelessness, People, Inc, and American United Care.

Vacation Bible School
Every Summer, St. Olaf conducts a two week vacation Bible School for 25 children in grades K-7. St. Olaf youth, grades 8-9 volunteer in the program and St. Olaf youth, grades 10-12 are paid employees in the program.

Summer Camping
Through Camps Wapogasset and Amnicon, 25 chidren and youth attend Bible and adventure camps in outdoor settings.

Leadership Development
Every 3 years 10-12 youth attend the ELCA National Youth Gathering and Minority Youth Leadership Event in a major US city.  From there opportunities are provided for youtb to be involved in the decision-making process of the ELCA.

  1. Christa Landon

    I saw this and thought you might be able to use them. I’d pick them up but don’t drive. It looks like there are a couple hundred.

    FREE seed starting pots (north mpls)
    Date: 2012-05-14, 8:28AM CDT
    Reply to: hgfkp-2993250529@sale.craigslist.org
    A bunch of seed starting pots are in three blue buckets. Take all you want. Leave the buckets. Pots are 2″, 4″ and six packs. Probably 200+ pots are out there in the alley of 5013 north sixth street, 55430.


  2. I would like to donate some clothes and I also have several brand new hockey sticks I would like to donate as well. Would it be ok to bring them to the clothes closet during open hours on Saturday?? Thank you
    Lori McKellar

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