St. Olaf Lutheran Church has been the cornerstone providing the spiritual foundation for the St. Olaf Community Campus and the surrounding community for almost 140 years. We are involved with several social service agencies and activities, the largest of which is the St. Olaf Residence providing skilled nursing home care, and North Oaks on Emerson, providing assisted living housing and services.

St. Olaf Lutheran Church was formed by Norwegian immigrants in 1873. The church moved to its present location on the campus in 1911. In 1964, the church formed the St. Olaf Residence nursing home to provide housing and medical services to elderly residents of the community. North Minneapolis Meals on Wheels was formed in 1981. North Oaks assisted living facility was added in 1993. New Directions Youth Ministry joined the campus in 1998 to develop the youth ministry of the church. The St. Olaf Community Campus (SOCC) was formed in 2008 to support the church and its community and to administer and manage the activities of the Residence, the St. Olaf Campus Foundation, an affiliate, and the church. The mission of the SOCC is to help stabilize the community through relationship-based services that empower and serve the residents of North Minneapolis.

St. Olaf is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). It is also a member of Lutheran Services in America.

  1. LeRoy Walquist

    Do you have historical records: baptism, marriage, death, etc. My husband’s family were members for several generations and I am looking for some information that you might have.
    Family names: Holm, Walquist, Anderson

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