Welcome to St. Olaf!

We are a multicultural, intergenerational church, located in an inner city neighborhood, striving to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ in the modern world. St. Olaf Lutheran Church was formed by Norwegian immigrants in 1873. The church moved to its present location in 1911. The denomination to which St. Olaf belongs is the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America).

Our focus is on people and worship. Our mission is to proclaim the good news of the love of God in Jesus Christ to the neighborhood and to reach out to the neighborhood with Christian love. All believers and seekers are welcome including those who identify as LGBTQ. We are a “Reconciling in Christ” church, which means we fully affirm LGBTQ people in all aspects of church life.

Worship is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, with emphasis on preaching, praise, prayer, testimony, and The Sacraments. A choir provides special music and worship leadership. Our educational outreach includes Sunday School, Confirmation, and Adult Bible Study on Sunday mornings. We also host services to the community such as Adult Fellowship, Seniors Activities, Food Distribution, Clothes Closet, Job Counseling, Homelessness Intervention, Youth Group activities, Children and Youth Summer Activities, Sewing Club, Block Club, and more!

We are affiliated with New Directions Youth Ministry, a 40 year old grass roots youth-serving agency in north Minneapolis (located at the church), through which children, youth, and families have access to the sports of hockey and figure skating. St. Olaf collaborates with New Directions for many of its youth activities. New Directions is a non-religious organization, so many of St. Olaf’s youth activities are welcoming to youth of other faiths or no faith.

In recent years, the congregation has become more involved with the impending climate change crisis.  The Climate Change Action Group meets the second Thursday of every month and is involved in both MN350 and the People’s Climate and Equity Plan of Minneapolis.

We sincerely hope you’ll join us this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. for worship, or contact us today at (612) 529-7726 or pastor@stolaflutheran.org.

  1. Geraldine Beckmann

    Are you the church that was written about in the Star Tribune article on 2-16-19?
    If so I would like to send you a small check to help with the heating. I need your zip code. Thank You
    .G Beckmann

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