Where have you been?

Wow! Our website needs updating, my blog being the most outdated thing on it. So, I’ll update it today. Where have I been? Well, for one thing, my mother died. She was ill for a while and that all took up my time. My mother was a member of St. Olaf and poured herself into its life. She was a Christian and sought out ways to live out her faith creatively. After my father died, she didn’t feel that was happening at her church, so when I became Pastor at St. Olaf, she joined. And did she find creative discipleship there! Her peers (other widows) weren’t content to live out their days grieving spouses. They put their shoulder to the plow and pulled their church forward. For example, when the invitation came to extend a special welcome to gay and lesbian people to help them overcome their feelings of rejection, the widows led the way, my mother joyfully jumping on the bandwagon. “Now see here,” they said. “Everyone is welcome at our church!” My mother’s oldest son was born with too much energy. He was climbing out of the crib before he could walk. In teacher training college, he was compared to a bull in a china shop. His mother compared his first call church to a “wild rumpus” church. She taught literature at Minneapolis Community College for 25 years and that is a phrase from some book she taught. I like that. I was okay with being a bull in a china shop, too. At least the kids didn’t get bored! I subscribe to the notion that something exciting should happen every Sunday at church – something that makes you want to come back. If that’s “wild rumpus,” then so be it. Rest in peace, or should I say, rumpus in wildness, mother. You deserve it! Next: Why do we worship?

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Pastor at St. Olaf Lutheran Church, North Minneapolis

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