The way back

So, when Eugene said, “I ain’t through sinning yet,” I felt a mixture of anger and pity -anger toward the powerful destructive forces that can overtake good people, and pity because I knew he was hurting. But, again, couldEugenehave been hanging on to the pain as some sort of consequence for the harm he felt he may have done to himself or someone else? Again, from what I know of God, that would not be necessary. It is God’s intention that we live happy and fulfilled lives and if we go off track, that we receive forgiveness and get back on track. Some time later,Eugenecame by the church and asked if he could paint the window trim. “I don’t want anything for it,” he said. “I figure I owe the church something for providing me something hopeful to look at.” He kept at it hard all day –he was a good painter, could even “jump” the ladder.  And then he was gone –evicted along with his sister and her five kids. A few years later,Eugeneshowed up in church dressed to the nines with a pretty little girl next to him. “This is my granddaughter,” he said proudly. “I want her to grow up in the church, but I’m sorry it won’t be this church. We live too far away. I just came back to tell you I’m all through sinnin’ now. The Lord got me back.” What a powerful testimony to the teaching of the Church. Eugene knew the way back.

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